A global, small-scale supplier

Since its inception back in 1983, Prolam has been through an incredible journey of growth and innovation.

Founded as a spin-off of the family business, which began its journey in 1969, today Prolam is a true benchmark in state-of-the-art steel processing, including cutting, bending, punching and welding.

What drives us is a passion for precision and quality.

Our roots are in tradition, but our spirit is constantly evolving, always seeking new horizons.

Our main mission is to create strong and lasting business partnerships.

Since the very beginning of our operations, we have consistently invested significant resources in training a highly qualified team and in acquiring the most advanced processing lines available on the market. These investments have been made with the main objective of ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Bending steel image

At Prolam, our story is one of commitment to perfection and continuous innovation.

We are also proud to announce an important development in our company history: recently, we acquired and incorporated a company specialising in the production of corrugated and false roofing sheets.

This allows us to further expand our offer and become a reference in this sector as well.

We are ready to overcome every challenge and to build the future of masterfully processed steel together with you, now also with a wide range of sheet metal solutions.